45 acp fmj for self defense

The .380 ACP cartridge and pistols chambered for it have seen an explosion in popularity over the last decade. Has technology made the round any more useful for self-defense? 45 ACP (Self Defense) 230 grain Hollow Points (50 Rounds) quantity ... Wolf 7.62x39 122 GRAIN FMJ (200 Rounds Bulk Pack) $ 160.00 $ 100.00; 223 Rem 55 gr. FMJ Target ... This caliber is an American classic. The 45 Auto (AKA 45 ACP) has been in US military service since 1911 along with the 1911 pistol. Military use for this caliber may have diminished, but the popularity with US shooters has only risen. Commonly used in IDPA and USPSA shooting competitions, 45 Auto is also extremely effective as a self-defense round. 380 ACP 40 S&W 41 MAGNUM 44 MAGNUM 44 SPECIAL 460 MAGNUM 45 ACP 45 COLT 45 G.A.P. 500 S&W 50 AE 50 BEOWULF Bulk Rifle Ammo All Rifle Ammo 223 REMMINGTON 300 AAC BLACKOUT 308 WINCHESTER 5.56 LINKED/LINKS 5.56x45 30 CARBINE 7.62 NATO (7.62 x 51) 45-70 6.5 CREEDMOOR 8MM Mauser 350 Legend 7.7 x 58MM Jap 7.62X39 Remanufactured New Bulk Shotgun Ammo ...

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Best.45 ACP Ammo for Home Defense & Target Practice 1. Federal.45 ACP 230 gr HST Penetration depth is right in the 12-18″ sweet zone, with great expansion on all five rounds, and good velocity for a shorter barrel.

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If I were limited to one .45 Auto powder, it'd be Unique. It's versatility is amazing. A box self-defense ammo would last be 3 lifetimes. Hence, rather that tediously load precise powder charges for a box of self-defense rounds, it's far more convenient to buy a box. Hodgdon has revolutionized .45 Auto target shooting when it introduced Titegroup.

Fiocchi .45 ACP Target Ammunition 230gr FMJ 100-rds 45 230 100rd NEW .45 ACP - 13899505 Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. If you have any questions regarding this item, you should contact the Seller before bidding. 45 ACP - 230 gr FMJ - Federal Champion - 100 Rounds American made 45 ACP ammunition by Federal Champion now available! This ammunition is top of the line range ammo perfect for plinking, target practice, and tactical training. Federal Champion is made by ATK (same company that makes Speer Lawman, CCI, Blazer Brass, etc) - it doesn't get any better. Find .45 ACP ammunition for sale at Impact Guns with competitive prices in today’s market. We have a large variety of .223 Rem & 5.56 NATO ammo for sale, and are ready to ship direct to your home.

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