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AP American Government 2014 Content Map Exam Review 1 | A P A m e r i c a n G o v e r n m e n t Structure: • 60 multiple choice questions in 50 minutes • 15 matching questions and 5 short answer questions in 50 minutes. Wilson 14 th Textbook: Chapters 1 – 6, 9 – 11, 13 - 16 Content: • Preamble "Who controls the bureaucracy: presidential power, congressional dominance, legal constraints, and bureaucratic autonomy in a model of multi-institutional policymaking." "With good cause: bureaucratic discretion and the politics of child support enforcement."

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Types of bureaucratic organizations. A bureaucracy is a particular government unit established to accomplish a specific set of goals and objectives as authorized by a legislative body. In the United States, the federal bureaucracy enjoys a great degree of autonomy compared to those of...and disadvantages of different ap- [such objectives as] administrative ef’ii- proaches to achieving the various goals. ciency, cost containment, breadth of coverage. and transparency . . .” 1 seek to further the dialogue about these topics by producing a document that will provoke others to think and react.

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