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Sébastien est ingénieur Ceph chez Redhat et aujourd'hui l'un des principaux mainteneurs du projet Rook. Avec lui, nous allons nous plonger un peu plus au coeur de Rook et de ce qu'il se propose de nous apporter. Ceph is a massively scalable, open-source, distributed storage system that runs on commodity hardware and delivers object, block and file system storage. This package contains the cluster monitor daemon for the Ceph storage system. 707 Puppet Developer $125,000 jobs available on Apply to Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Developer and more! Backup /var/lib/rook in all the Rook Ceph nodes to a different directory. Backups will be used later. Pick a /var/lib/rook/rook-ceph/rook-ceph.config from any previous Rook Ceph node and save the old cluster fsid from its content. Remove /var/lib/rook from all the Rook Ceph nodes.

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Knative components build on top of Kubernetes, abstracting away the complex details and enabling developers to focus on what matters. Built by codifying the best practices shared by successful real-world implementations, Knative solves the "boring but difficult" parts of deploying and managing cloud native services so you don't have to.

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Snapshots of course, have been and are a key technology when discussing data workloads because they enable backup/restore seamlessly, on-demand and in a split second. Even though volume snapshots are in the alpha stage, several storage providers already have integrations, including one that is very interesting, Ceph RDB. openstack stack create -t create_ca4ci_sec.yaml -e ca4ci_environment.yaml --wait test5 2019-10-17 06:52:55Z [test5]: CREATE_IN_PROGRESS Stack CREATE started 2019-10-17 06:52:55Z [test5.cdlk_instance_zone2_5]: CREATE_IN_PROGRESS state changed 2019-10-17 06:52:56Z [test5.cdlk_instance_zone2_7]: CREATE_IN_PROGRESS state changed 2019-10-17 06:52:58Z [test5.cdlk_instance_zone1_0]: CREATE_IN ... Configuring rook-ceph for kubernetes storage(OSD). Setup monitoring environment using Grafana & Prometheus for multiple kubernetes clusters & for openstack environment. Setup datadog , sumo logic, New Relic & Weavescope in… Won the Best Employee of the Year 2019-2020 for outstanding performance in team.

Rook is a storage orchestrator, allowing DevOps to offload the management of multiple storage backends to it. It can be easily installed in Kubernetes environments using the dedicated Kubernetes operator for each supported storage provider. apiVersion: kind: CephBlockPool metadata: name: replicapool namespace: rook-ceph spec: failureDomain: host replicated: size: 3 --- apiVersion: kind: StorageClass metadata: name: rook-ceph-block provisioner: parameters: blockPool: replicapool # The value of "clusterNamespace" MUST be the same ... In one of our previous blog posts, we showed how the Kubernetes-native K10 data management platform can be used to backup and recover stateful applications that are deployed on Kubernetes using Rook-Ceph storage. Since then, Rook v1.4 has been released and this recent release comes with Ceph CSI v3.0.

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