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Fireblaze is a flame-colored ginger tabby tom with black paws, a long tail, and large pale blue eyes. He is clever and a great hunter. History Roleplay Appearances Firekit was born to Lionfang and Wolfshadow in NightClan, along with his siblings, Bearkit and Moonkit. Before she became a full Medicine Cat, she trained and memorized the herbs in specific order. She was a fairly well Medicine Cat, and loved to help others. After becoming a full Medicine Cat, she fell in love with a young tom from RockClan named Darkflash. She had a strong bond and relationship with him, but knew she was breaking the warrior ... This is a list of known herbs in the game and where to find them. Medicine cats of the clans often ask for herbs for quests. Also, if you're a medicine cat's assistant, you can use herbs to heal yourself. Herbs make nice decorations as well. 1 Feverfew 2 Comfrey 3 Goldenrod 4 Horsetail 5 Chervil...

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This page lists all cats that have held, or currently hold, the rank of medicine cat.

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These are the items that are needed for Quests. 1 Shiny Things 1.1 Other Uses 1.2 Trivia 1.3 Also See 2 Apples 2.1 Other Uses 2.2 Also See 3 Smooth Stones 3.1 Other Uses 3.2 Trivia 3.3 Also See 4 Herbs 4.1 Other Uses 4.2 Trivia 4.3 Also See 5 Feathers 5.1 Other uses 5.2 Also see 6 Mice 6.1 Other uses 6.2 Also see "Twolegs might be dangerous, but they can leave behind pretty things." The queens ...

Fernfrond is a Small, Lithe, Grey Tabby Spotted She-Cat with Green Eyes and a White Underbelly, Chest and Muzzle. She has two dark grey tabby lines that run from her eye and muzzle down to just below her ear. Fernfrond also has a small pink nose, a wedge shaped muzzle and a medium-sized tail tipped with white.

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